Doguet's Organic Rice

Organic Rice FarmingDoguet's Rice Milling Company is the oldest certified organic rice mill in Texas. We have been producing organic rice products since the 1980's. Organic rice is produced from land that has not had pesticides or herbicides applied to it for a minimum of three years and the Doguet family oversees and demands the highest standards be met for producing our organic rice. All of our growers are certified organic producers and use the USDA organic standards. We have Long Grain, Medium Grain, and Basmati available and Organic Brokens, Bran, and Hulls. Organic Rice Bran has between 13 - 14.5% protein, 16 - 18% fat with 6% fiber and is an excellent feed ingredient. The ground Rice Hulls also make a good filler and excellent roughage. We have packaging capabilities from one pound to two thousand pound totes and also bulk.