Doguet's Products

Enriched Long Grain Rice

Doguet's most popular brand, long grain rice cooks close to perfection... separate, light and fluffy.

Doguet's Enriched Long Grain Rice

Enriched Medium Grain Rice

Loved by those who want their rice moist and tender, medium grain rice tends to cling together and makes a terrific bed for other great food.

Doguet's Enriched Medium Grain Rice

Organic Rice

Doguet's Rice Milling Company is the oldest certified Organic Rice Mill in Texas. We have been producing organic rice products since the 1990's and have seen continued growth in demand for our organic rice products. All of our growers are certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture using the USDA organic standards. We have Long Grain, Medium Grain and Basmati available and Organic Brokens, Bran and Hulls.

Brown Rice

Because grains keep their bran layers, brown rice has a distinctive tan color and nutty flavor. Additional nutrition makes it the rice of preference for the health-conscious.

Doguet's Brown Rice

Basmati Rice

This flavorful aromatic rice is a long grain variety developed by the USDA Texas A&M Research Center. When cooked it elongates and has a wonderful aroma.

Doguet's Roux

For the prefect Gumbo every time, try our Cajun Roux. Just add the seasonings and meat you prefer.

Doguet's Cajun Roux

Gift Boxes

We can mix and match Long Grain or Medium Grain rice with a jar of Cajun Roux for a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or any occasion.

Doguet's Rice Gift Boxes